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Complex Machining

Joined Alloys has the capability to machine and fabricate nearly any material used in the aerospace and defense industries. From Build-to-Print precision machining of aluminium and hard metals to small or large parts such as a rear bearing support housing for the T-800 engine for the Super Lynx.

At Joined Alloys we support lean manufacturing with 70+ high-speed CNC Machines with up to 40" x 20" x 20" envelope.

Joined Alloys also has precision machining capability to manufacture Honeycomb Seals used in many aircraft applications. We procure the honeycomb material, cut to length, roll, spot weld, and size to any specified diameter. We then assemble it into a carrier. We then vacuum furnace, braze, heat treat, grind, deburr and inspect it.

We have the information technology at Joined Alloys to allow for Direct Numerical Control to link all CNC machines to our engineering and programming department.


State of the art EDM equipment gives Joined Alloys the precision machining capability of Wire EDM, Sinker EDM and Hole Popper EDM. These machines give us the ability to perform incredibly precise machining to your demanding specifications on a wide variety of materials.

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